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Matrix Orbital Displays and Linux

Which Module?

LCDproc currently supports 2 and 4 line modules by 20 charcters wide. This includes VFD and LCD along with bay inserts. It is very possible to add support for any of the other modules. The command set for each display module is the same.
We strongly urge you to check out the LCDproc web pages for up to date info.


LCDproc is a little piece of software that displays information about your Linux system on a LCD. On the left are some of the outputs that LCDproc is capable of.
LCDproc is licensed under the GPL. The latest version is available for download from the LCDproc pages.
We strongly urge you to check out the LCDproc web pages for recent updates.

Installing your Module

The LCD Modules requires power from your PC. If you do not plan on purchasing a Bay Insert please read the Manual Addendum This will show you exactly how to modify a power connector to work with your display module.
Please note: The LCD requires power from your PC. With out a Bay Insert some modification needs to be made to the power adapter inside the PC. The process is rather simple. Please read the Manual Addendum.

Technical Information

For a more in-depth look at the Serial Display Modules please see the User Manual at Matrix Orbital.

Keypad Interface Modules

Please note: The modules with keypad interfaces DO NOT come with keypads. The display modules are built to accept just about any keypad available.

About keypads
The keypad modules have been tested with everything from the bottom of the barrel, cheapest membrane keypad to a pair of pliers to short pins together - everything works. The module is very versatile. There are many keypads which would work, but these three are also appropriate.

  1. Grayhill Series 88:
    These are sealed for light outdoor use. They will require a wire harness to connect them to the module. There are options for colours and it is also possible to get a variation with a blank overlay into which you can slip your own key layout. An example part number is: 88BB2-052 which is available from Digikey (PN. GH5015-ND $25.33 USD).

  2. C&K Components:
    These are also "splash-proof" with a self adhesive backing. They come with a pigtail connector which will plug right on to the module. Part number 4244A1 which is available from Digikey(PN. CKN6011-ND $21.52 USD).

  3. MGR Industries:
    They have keypads which appear to be silicone key types (Series 700). They have a light duty/ indoor type (Storm 1000 series) which appear to be quite appropriate. They will require a wire harness to connect them to the module. Part number 4K16T103 (Digikey PN. MGR1535-ND).

    Reports of inexpensive keypads from bgmicro
    They come in two configurations, a 4x4, and a 2x8.
    The 2x8 keypad is perfect for the CAJUN project as it can
    be installed in a vehicle's stereo slot. 
    The 2x8 keypad is p/n SWT1057, and the 4x4 is SWT1056.

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