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Customer Service

Customer Service is something that is in short supply these days. If you’ve ever had a problem and only received an automated response you know that there is nothing like a real person to answer your questions.

We have one available from 8:30 to 4:30 EST Toll Free at 1-877-LINUX-CD. At Linux Central we strive to provide accurate, informative, and personal answers to any questions you may have.

Why shop with us?

  • Experience

    We have been serving the Linux Community for almost ten years now.

  • Trustworthiness

    We are a full time business with an actual physical address, not just a PO Box like many of our competitors.

  • Support

    We have found some customers are somewhat uncomfortable about not being able to communicate with a real person, this is why we have one available from 8:30am to 4:30pm EST.

  • Service

    We carry hundreds of Linux products, and if we don’t have something that you are looking for we will try to get it for you or find someone who has it.

Customer Testimonials

Below are some of the many comments we regularly get through our contact page.

One of my favorite places to shop online!

“Thanks, for the great customer support. Linux Central is still one of my favorite places to shop online! ”

- Joe Aldeguer

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Will refer to coworkers and friends!

“Thank you very much for the prompt shipment. I will definitely refer Linux Central to my coworkers and friends. ”

- D Baldridge

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From Mission Texas's Linux freak

“Thank you for again being prompt with your shipment. It is a pleasure doing business with Linux Central.

The SuSE 10.0 is up and running on all the machines and is worth the money (and then some). ”

- John Abbott

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Truly Impressed

“I am truly impressed. Not only does Linux Central have a fantastic response time for orders, they get the latest software the quickest!

Just today Mandriva 2006 was released and wouldn't you know it, Linux Central has the CDs available THE SAME DAY!

And because they fill their orders in 24 short hours, I'll have the latest software in a matter of hours.Who else does this? None that I know of!

Keep up the great work. ”

- Gary Maxwell

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Linux Central ROCKS!!

“I recently made another purchase from Linux Central and I am still amazed at your quality of service. My order was placed on a Friday evening and I received my order, half a continent away, on the following Thursday morning - and this included a three day weekend (4th of July). Linux Central ROCKS!!! and I will continue to refer everyone to your awesome company. Your website, item selection, ease-of-use, pricing.. literally everything about Linux Central just can't be beat :) I needed Linux in a hurry and Linux Central took care of me :)

Thank you for being there.”

- Ian MacGregor - A very happy camper

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Gee, you guys are FAST!

“I got the package today in the mail! Gee, you guys are FAST! Itseems like it was just this week that I ordered it. Thank you for such aquick delivery. I wish all services were that fast! And, once again,thanks for making the apartment change on it.”

- Ken Freer

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Thanks Linux Central

“Thanks for your reply. I went ahead an ordered it. By the way, I chose Linux Central, over 6 other vendors because you have a phone number - not because I need it, but that gives me confidence that you are legitimate. I called the number just to see how the call was handled, but I didn't feel a need to leave a message.”

- Jeff McCormack

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no hassle, no problems

LinuxCentral is MY source


- Dave

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